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We Live Baby!

If you’re reading this, I've finally posted my first blog post. *Drake voice*

Let’s just say that this website has been ready for about a month and a half. But for the life of me, I could not get myself to sit down, open Pages (Microsoft for Mac) and start typing.

When I was in high school my favorite subject was English. If writing an essay was an option for a class project, that's exactly what I was going to do. I graduated college five years ago (shoutouts to the class of 2016), so let’s just say that I haven’t really had to type anything more than a paragraph in a while.

I’d like to think of me staring a blog, as a fear but it's not a physical fear. I honestly don’t even know if it’s a fear at all. We get in our head and start with the “what ifs”, and then .... boom imposter syndrome kicks in.

I traveled home to Jamaica last month, and I zip-lined, rode a bob sled, and got on a sky ride. Don't worry, I’ll link the vlog below for you to check out. Sharma Berry, The Stush Life, Stushy was never the one to get on anything in the sky or ride on any attraction at a theme park. So after making it through all of my excursions alive, I am going to brag about it. I mention this to say that if I was able to zip-line and do all of these things then I can definitely publish my first blog post.

Physical fear and mental fear ( psychological ) are not too far off from each other. However, it's important to remember that “The fear that you feel is not real.” I first heard the quote in “Young OG II”, a Fabulous song, and it has always stuck with me. So I’m posting this with that exact line replaying in my head. Start the blog, ride the King Kong ( baby steps for me sis ), shoot your shot because who cares what anyone else thinks or feels, it's your life! As long as you love it, and enjoy yourself that's really all that matters.

Check Out My Jamaica Travel Vlog

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 I am Sharma, Stushy and The Stush Life. I respond to all of those titles but my birth name is Sharma ( Sh-ARM-A). 

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